MIFA 9: Where Luxury Meets Practicality in the Electric Age

The LDV MIFA 9, also known as the Maxus in other markets, stands out as a bold and unexpected entry into the electric people mover category. With its imposing size, sleek design, and luxurious interior, it challenges the notion that practicality and comfort can't coexist in an eco-conscious vehicle.

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The LDV MIFA 9, also known as the Maxus in other markets, stands out as a bold and unexpected entry into the electric people mover category. With its imposing size, sleek design, and luxurious interior, it challenges the notion that practicality and comfort can’t coexist in an eco-conscious vehicle.

In the burgeoning world of electric vehicles, where sedans and SUVs dominate the headlines, the LDV MIFA 9 (known as the Maxus in other markets) emerges as a bold anomaly. This colossal electric people mover doesn’t blend in; it roars onto the scene like a futuristic leviathan, redefining the very notion of what a practical and comfortable family car can be.

With its imposing size, sleek design, and luxurious interior, the MIFA 9 challenges our preconceptions and offers a glimpse into a future where sustainability and spacious comfort go hand-in-hand.

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A Colossus on the Road:

There’s no mistaking the MIFA 9 for anything else on the road. At a monumental 5.2 meters long and boasting a spacious 3.2-meter wheelbase, it commands attention with its sheer presence. While the boxy profile might not win every aesthetic contest, its purpose is clear: maximizing interior space, the lifeblood of any people mover. But LDV hasn’t sacrificed style for practicality. The futuristic nose with its sleek LED headlights and the integrated taillights lend a modern touch, setting it apart from its boxy brethren. The pastel aqua green hue, while not for everyone, adds a unique personality to this behemoth.

Effortless Power Meets Practical Range:

Despite its considerable size, the MIFA 9 delivers a surprisingly refined driving experience. The single 180 kW motor and 350 Nm of torque offer effortless acceleration, propelling this 2.5-ton beast from 0 to 100 km/h in a respectable 8.9 seconds. While not a sports car, it’s more than adequate for navigating city streets and conquering highway miles.

The true star, however, is the 90 kWh battery pack, offering a decent 430 km range (WLTP) in the Lux trim. This range makes the MIFA 9 surprisingly practical for everyday commutes, even allowing for weekend getaways without range anxiety. And when you do need a top-up, the 120 kW fast-charging capability ensures a swift boost, taking you from 30% to 80% in just 36 minutes.

A First-Class Cabin Experience:

Stepping into the MIFA 9 is akin to entering a luxurious lounge on wheels. The cabin is a study in sleek minimalism, adorned with premium leather accents and soft-touch materials that feel indulgent under your fingertips. The first-row seats are comfortable and supportive, but it’s the second row that steals the show. Two captain’s chairs, reminiscent of business class comfort, offer eight-way electric adjustment, heating, cooling, massage functions, and individual touchscreen controls for climate and entertainment.

These thrones are perfect for long journeys, transforming the MIFA 9 into a mobile oasis. The rear row, while slightly cramped for taller adults, provides ample space for children or occasional use. And to ensure everyone stays connected, the cabin boasts multiple USB ports and wireless charging.

Tech-Forward Features for a Modern Family:

The MIFA 9 isn’t just about space and comfort; it’s packed with technology that elevates the driving experience. A 12.3-inch infotainment system dominates the dashboard, offering Apple CarPlay compatibility and a plethora of information at your fingertips. The digital instrument cluster displays all the essential driving data clearly, while the rearview mirror doubles as a digital display, providing a wider field of view and eliminating the blind spot caused by passengers or luggage. One-touch electric rear doors add a touch of convenience, while features like a heated steering wheel and ventilated seats ensure everyone stays comfortable throughout the journey.

Sustainability and the “Big EV” Conundrum:

The MIFA 9’s size and weight inevitably raise questions about its overall sustainability. While it’s undeniably eco-friendly compared to its fossil-fueled counterparts, its large battery and significant material footprint can’t be ignored. However, it’s crucial to consider its purpose. The MIFA 9 caters to a specific need: transporting large families or groups efficiently. By maximizing passenger capacity and range, it potentially reduces the number of vehicles on the road compared to multiple smaller cars. Additionally, its premium price point ensures it attracts buyers who are truly committed to reducing their emissions, not just those chasing the latest EV trend.

A Bold Choice for the Eco-Conscious Family:

The LDV MIFA 9 is a car for those who prioritize both practicality and environmental responsibility. It might not be for everyone, especially with its hefty price tag (starting at $129,000 plus on-road costs), but it offers a unique combination of spacious comfort, refined performance, and cutting-edge technology. For large families or businesses looking for a stylish and sustainable way to travel, the MIFA

Model Year2023
VariantsMode, Executive, Luxe
Body StyleMPV
Seating Capacity7 (2+2+3)
Dimensions (L x W x H)5270 mm x 2000 mm x 1840 mm
Wheelbase3200 mm
Ground Clearance140 mm
Curb Weight2310 kg (Mode), 2410 kg (Executive), 2535 kg (Luxe)
Payload655 kg (Mode), 565 kg (Executive), 525 kg (Luxe)
PowertrainPermanent magnet synchronous motor, Front-wheel drive
Motor Power180 kW (245 hp)
Torque350 Nm
TransmissionSingle-speed automatic
0-100 km/h Acceleration8.9 seconds
Top Speed180 km/h
Battery Capacity90 kWh
WLTP Range430 km (Luxe), 420 km (Executive), 410 km (Mode)
Fast Charging Rate120 kW DC
Charging Time (30-80%)36 minutes
AC Charging Time (5-100%)8.5 hours (11 kW)
Infotainment System12.3-inch touchscreen
Instrument Cluster7-inch digital display
Rearview MirrorDigital display
Driver Assistance SystemsLane departure warning, Blind-spot monitoring, Adaptive cruise control
Wheels19-inch alloy
Price (Starting)$104,000 AUD (Mode), $117,000 AUD (Executive), $129,000 AUD (Luxe)